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Red & Gold Bikini: My favorite swimsuit

Two-Piece Juicy Couture Bikini

Out of all my bikini’s this red and gold Juicy Couture one is my favorite. Red is a fabulous color that looks great with any skin tone. No matter what time of year I wear my red and gold swimsuit, it always makes my skin appear brighter.

This photo shoot took place at the Quabbin Reservoir in Massachusetts.With acres of wooded forest, miles of pathways and multiple water features to choose from, possibilities are limitless. I love all the different elements in nature I have to choose from when I do a swimsuit shoot at the Quabbin.

The main focus of the this particular shoot was a water spot. We trekked miles to reach a great river in the woods. The colors were beautiful, especially the weeds flowing in the clear water. Though the water appeared inviting, it was freezing! After was the shoot was done we had to walk theĀ  Windsor Dam to leave, we decided to “get a few more shots quick”. There’s a spot at the end with really cool square cement pillars, the last picture taken happens to be one of my favorite swimsuit photos ever there!

This shoot was my first time working with this photographer. This gentleman was kind, respectful and a pleasure to work with. His great attention to detail was nice. I would definitely work with him again for future projects.

My favorite red and gold bikini will appear in other swimsuit shoots as wel!